Call for Nature Lovers!

Pure and serene, Mother Nature at its best!

Have you ever been on an adventure?

Are you a nature freak?

Call for Nature Photographers!

Capture authenticity of Mother Nature.

Mother Nature lets photographers capture candid moments i.e. without being manipulated or modified. It documents the natural moment, complimenting each element.

Photographers capture moments in a frame just like a writer documents it in words. It makes the memories stay alive forever, not for the touch, but for the feel.

Beauty! Purity! Serenity!

Wildlife photography in the candid form is the most beautiful genre of photography. The aim is to click photographs of the flora and fauna in their natural environment i.e. hunting for food, being with their families & loved ones, blooming plants & flowers, sitting idle to rest/enjoying their home, firm-tall trees, different times of the year i.e. seasons like flower growing in spring (colorful theme), leaf-shedding in autumn (Yellowish theme), dew on leaves during rainy seasons (vibrant green with glistening watery theme) and small crystals of ice (snowflakes) in winters (Whitish theme).

The world is extremely diverse and requires keen a study about the flora and fauna to avoid mishaps; capturing the best, ignoring the rest.

The true meaning & beauty of stillness is defined by trees and plants around the world. It is so firm, strong, simple and yet so pure in its stillness. It encourages in-depth philosophy & feelings of contentment & calmness. A seedling germinating, a flower blooming and/ or a leave shedding from the tree are considered to be one of the most beautiful moments of Natural Life.

This is preferred because it does not require extreme technical knowledge; just patience and a feeling of love towards nature i.e. observe and understand the many activities of a plant or an animal in different forms and geographic conditions. When the nature is left undisturbed, it depicts calmness and purity because it is not afraid or alert and the actions are not changed or modified.

Why Wildlife Photography?

The subject of Photography interests everyone. People are mad for clicking photographs of themselves, their friends or their surroundings to document heartily moments and preserve beautiful memories. This was earlier just a habit, which turned into a profession i.e. people have started being professional photographers; even paid very highly.

It is one of the most beautiful forms of photography, as mentioned above. Nature must be loved & appreciated by everyone and clicking images is a good time pass for many. Even professionals like Dr Vinay Rawlani and others of different professional fields are extremely interested in this type of photography and love to be a part of this community.

Challenges and Restrictions

The various challenges and dangers associated with it; which makes it a very difficult field are as follows:

  • Risks of wild animals’ attacks
  • Animals are difficult to approach
  • Requires patience
  • Requires technical skills
  • Requires observational skills
  • Requires specialist equipments
  • It is not always easily accessible
  • The person needs to be adventurous
  • Requires stalking skills
  • Requires courage


Hundreds of electronic applications are developed in photography, Snapchat being the biggest. These applications have millions of features, filters and effects which let individuals create stories and thus, adorable and funny memories. It offers real time images and social media sharing options to aware their friends and loved ones on the click of a button.

Applications are not the only thing that has changed since traditional photography. Technology has given birth to advanced photographic equipments as well. Various types of tripods, lens and cameras have been developed, which has led to the creation of various features, enabling professionals and first-time users to click the best photograph possible.

Professionals aim to express their ideas/ thoughts/ reasons in the small square frame of a photograph.