Dr. Vinay Rawlani is a multi skill personality, He is an artist by heart and entrepreneur by profession.

(aka Sonny)

It is believed that an entrepreneurial spirit of a person can be noticed as early as in his childhood. Same was the case with Dr Vinay Rawlani. His interest in entrepreneurship was noticeable even when he was thirteen years old when he joined with his neighbor and started a local venture which offered lawn mowing services in his block. The local venture grew to be a company in the later years.

Grandfather Rawlani observed his desire in business and encouraged him at every point, improving his capabilities & helping him at every corner. Dr V Rawlani highly appreciates all the help offered to him by his grandfather and gives him credit for turning a hobby into an incomparable talent.

His talent has led him to be a part of over 20 business ventures as an advisor, a partner and a founder. He has helped and started businesses like bio fuels, geo fencing, renting clothes, eye glasses, collector item replicas, lawn mowing services, cameras, social networking website and helmet for flat head syndrome patients et-cetera.

The zeal of entrepreneurship requires a good team as well. All businesses stand on the shoulders of its team. Dr V Rawlani was successful enough to attain an experienced team who only added to his success stories.

“Success is where the heart is” and his heart has always been attracted towards entrepreneurship, leaving his colleagues speechless and his spirits high. Do what you love and love what you do is also true in his case.