Dr Vinay Rawlani has dipped his fingers in a variety of business ventures. He has been an advisor, a partner and a founder of business companies ranging from Rent The Runaway to Geofencing and from Warby Parker to AAA Galvanizing.

He has been an entrepreneurial gem since childhood and has only grown & improved with time. His knowledge about the startup stage, the growing stage, the scaling stage and ultimately the sustaining stage of a business, has made him the perfect senior team member of such ventures.

His business ventures can be summarized as follows:

  • Website dealing in affiliate marketing and social networking
  • A surgical camera to improve videography
  • Website dealing in clothes to rent for women
  • Business dealing in steel galvanizing
  • Helmet for flat head syndrome patients
  • API bases EMR
  • Bio-fuels
  • Lawn mowing services
  • Geo Fencing
  • Eye Glass store and website
  • Replicating Designer Items

The above mentioned business ventures show that he was a born entrepreneur, who was encouraged and improved by his grandfather Rawlani, who at every step supported him and his interests, turning a hobby into an irreplaceable talent.

Dr V Rawlani highly appreciates his grandfather’s efforts and adores the passion that he attained from him. Not all the ventures were successful, but they all were surely educative and gave immense experience to him, earning him a handsome load of money and also fulfilling his entrepreneurial desires and wishes.