Do you have an idea?

Do you think it can be the next big thing in the world?

Do you wish to be an entrepreneur?

Are you ready to dedicate your life towards your ideas?

Are you capable of taking risks for your venture?

Do what you love.

Become an Entrepreneur.

Aim high and reach the sky!

Who is an Entrepreneur?

Every enterprise is established by taking risks along with a great team. Entrepreneurs expect to create something innovative and creative at every point in their lives which can make the world a better place for everyone else.

He becomes an inspiration for individuals around him; showcasing the immense passion and its reward i.e. success and satisfaction.

Even hundreds of years ago, the business environment dealt with entrepreneurs in the form of traders and dealers. Nowadays, it has become one of the most popular terms because of the various success stories of entrepreneurs, earning millions and achieving greatness. It is believed that entrepreneurs are born every minute around the world.

Youth is encouraged to have the same powerful aura and will power as of an entrepreneur. Every businessman is not an entrepreneur, but every entrepreneur is a determined businessman. The individual is expected to dedicate his entire life in making something tangible of his ideas/ thoughts/ creations by putting hundred percent efforts, hardwork and staying dedicated.

Anyone can become an entrepreneur; it all depends on the drive that the person gets from his thoughts. People from different industries; with different backgrounds, plans to invest in completely different business fields with the hope of high return and potential recognition e.g. Dr Vinay Rawlani has invested in over 50 business ventures and trusted & guided hundreds of people around him, pursuing his dream to be the most influential entrepreneur in the world.

Entrepreneurial Support Drives the Entrepreneur

Startup entrepreneurs experience moments full of excitement, thrill and suspense. In an enterprise, success is only expected and never actually promised.

Every businessman who takes calculated risks, stays focused & dedicated; works hard and does not give up on himself, is worthy to be a successful entrepreneur as it requires courage & determination to risk everything, just to create something new, innovative and unique.

Monuments are used as a metaphor for businesses. It requires a reason for its existence, team members as pillars to support, competition as environmental changes and different departments as different rooms of the property. A single pillar cannot support the whole monument; same is the case with businesses. One person cannot be responsible for its successful functioning; it requires a great team for support and success. Their strengths become the strength of the business and their weaknesses become the weak-links. The combined support of all variables help it to stand firm and strong in the shared market; in severe conditions like competition, policy change and management issues et-cetera.

Threats and liabilities in Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship welcomes many threats and liabilities because of the many conditions on which success is dependent; as expressed in the following points:

  • Losses
  • Lack of Capital
  • Time
  • Finding a good team
  • Restrictions
  • Government policies and rules
  • Lack of resources
  • No or negligible family support
  • Changes in natural conditions
  • Trust issues on investors or potential team members
  • Lack of knowledge of different fields to handle the complete business single-handedly


“Help thyself and God will help thee.” – George Herbert

Sitting idle with the belief that God will work towards creating opportunities for you; provoke you to avail it and offer success where it is not possible; is just an untrue dream. God surely offers opportunity in everyone’s path, but he expects them to avail it, utilize it and achieve success on their own. He is not under any compulsion to finish all your work commitments; it is rather your job to complete your tasks, expect help from him whenever needed and believe in him to achieve success in the end.

Establishing an enterprise is not easy. Individuals need to develop an idea, figure out its effectiveness, persuade other people to gather a versatile team, get funds (capital) to feed the business, map a process to smooth out the functions for efficient outcomes and in the end, sell the goods or services to generate sales, revenue and turn profitable in a given period of time.