If you cannot beat them, fund them.

Dr Vinay Rawlani has been involved in over 50 projects in terms of investment. He is a true entrepreneur, promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship in the world. He likes to believe in people and their ideas, which has led in the development and establishment of a variety of business ventures.

Dr V Rawlani’s portfolio is a shining collection of many of his successful work. Being interested in wildlife photography has also led him in aspects of creativity and love towards nature.

He gives high credit to his teacher and guide, Grandfather Rawlani, who was there with him at every milestone of his life. He was always encouraging young Vinay to follow his dreams and do only the things that he love. This formula turned Vinay’s hobby into his talent and all his ideas turned into something physical & concrete.

Down below includes the in-detail explanation of his various investments in business ventures, showcases his trust & belief in other people & their ideas and his love for the entrepreneurial spirit in himself & others.

His colleagues and business partners highly appreciates the efforts and dedication that he puts in the various businesses and how he resolves issues with such calm and positivity. They claim to get positive vibes from him, which enables them to stay positive and strong in times of loss or other problems.

Dr Rawlani believes in achieving success through hardwork & innovation because he understands & values efforts.

Earning money is not everything, being successful with a happy life is!

Complete Portfolio available here.


Bain Capital Ventures
Bessemer Venture Partners
Series A
Series B
Union Square Ventures