Replicas by Vinay

After leasing his first business, Xtreme Lawn Care, to a neighborhood friend, Vinay found himself craving his next project. Still in his mid-teens, Vinay’s employment options were limited, but he was eager to establish connections and build his next venture. That’s when he met Jerry and Lisa.

Jerry and Lisa were a married couple in their 50s who specialized in replicating designer items; watches, purses, scarves, hats, jerseys, jackets – they did it all. Despite their limited budget, Vinay was hired on as a low-wage contractor, converting generic bags into high-quality designer replicas. The level of craftsmanship that Vinay offered did not go unnoticed, and he was frequently rewarded with extra pay. This lucrative incentive fueled Vinay’s work ethic, causing him to make more purses than he could keep track of. Putting his business smarts to work, he even implemented a system to inventory supplies and monitor operations.

While making knockoff designer handbags is not Vinay’s most brag-worthy position, his experience working for Jerry and Lisa did come in handy years later when he served on the advisory board for Rent the Runway.