StarBand Kids

As a plastic surgeon and researcher, Dr. Vinay Rawlani and colleague Dr. Frank Vicari discovered a solution for deformational plagiocephaly and brachycephaly – aka flat head syndrome. Helmet therapy has proven to be 94% effective, despite its infancy.

As an artist, Vinay turned medical helmets into works of art. Disney characters, famous paintings, and football helmets were among several of Vinay’s whimsical designs. In his first year working with Frank, they treated 300 children; in their second, 900; and in their third, 3800. Rather than seeking profit from this highly scalable business, Vinay opted to grow the business educationally. By teaching lecture attendees about flat head syndrome and the benefits of helmet training, he allowed medical entrepreneurs to build lucrative business models based on his research. His clinical algorithm is now practiced nationwide.