What matters the most: Results or hardwork?

Are results directly proportional to hardwork?

What do you understand about the concept of destiny?

What are the factors that can manipulate destiny?

Is risk taking necessary in a business venture?

The passion to do what you love and the desire to succeed defines the destiny of an individual.

Be an Entrepreneur.

Aim big! Target the Stars!

Do you want to be an Entrepreneur?

Any individual, who sets up an enterprise by taking calculated risks and forming a great team, just to create something innovative and creative at every point in his life to make the world a better place for everyone, is known as an entrepreneur.

He is an inspiration for the people around him; emits positive vibes and shows what passion can achieve i.e. success and greatness.

It has become the most popular term in the business environment because of the success stories of various entrepreneurs earning millions and achieving greatness. Entrepreneur is an extremely old term as businesses were established hundreds of years ago as well in the form of trading and barter. People created stuff back then as well; but the term was introduced a few years ago. Entrepreneurs are born every minute in the world.

This term encourages young individuals to have the same powerful aura as of an entrepreneur. Every businessman is not an entrepreneur, but every entrepreneur is a passionate businessman. He dedicates his entire life to make something big of his ideas/ thoughts/ creations by working extremely hard and dedicated towards achieving success.

Anyone can become an entrepreneur, be it a sports person, engineer and artist et-cetera. People become entrepreneurs, being in different industries and investing in other industries e.g. Dr Vinay Rawlani is one of the most influential entrepreneur in this industry, who has invested in over 50 business ventures and trusted & guided hundreds of people around him.

Entrepreneurial Support Needs Support

All Successful entrepreneurs were once startup entrepreneurs. Their experiences are full of exciting moments, thrill and suspense because success is only positively expected in business and never actually promised.

A businessman who works hard, takes calculated risks, stays focused & dedicated and does not give up is worthy to be known as an entrepreneur. It requires a lot of courage to risk everything just to create something new, innovative and unique.

Every business can be compared to a monument. It requires team members as pillars, reason for existence, competition as weather changes and different departments as different rooms. The business stands on the shoulders of its team. One pillar cannot support the whole monument; same is the case with businesses. One person cannot make it successful; it requires a team for support and functioning. Their strength becomes the strength of the business and their weaknesses become the weak-links of the business. The combined support helps it to stand firm and strong in the market; in severe conditions like policy change, competition and management issues et-cetera.

Challenges and Risks in Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship welcomes many risks and challenges because of the attitude of the entrepreneur, as expressed in the following points:

  • Lack of Capital
  • Losses
  • Finding a good team
  • Time
  • Restrictions vinay-rawlani.com
  • Lack of resources
  • Government policies and rules
  • Changes in natural conditions
  • No or negligible family support
  • Lack of knowledge of different fields to handle the complete business single-handedly
  • Trust issues on investors or potential team members


“God helps those who help themselves.”

It is appropriately proven in the case of entrepreneurs. Sitting idle and believing that the God will create some opportunity, provoke you to avail it and succeed is not possible. God surely throws opportunity in your path, but he expects you to grab it, utilize it and succeed yourself. It is not his work to complete all your tasks; it is rather your job to use his help in completing your tasks, expecting help whenever needed and believing in him to succeed in the end.

Handling an enterprise is not an easy job. The entrepreneur needs to think of an idea, evaluate its effectiveness, convince other people to form a versatile team, generate funds (capital) to feed the business, formulate a process which functions smoothly & efficiently and in the end, market the goods or services to generate sales, revenue and turn profitable in a given period of time.